USDA Grants Help Schools Serve Healthier Lunches

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Originally posted on TIME:

The USDA announced on Friday that it is awarding $25 million in grants for schools in need of kitchen equipment to cook up healthier food.

The Pew Charitable Trusts and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation recently released a report showing that 88% of school districts need at least one piece of kitchen equipment and 50% need infrastructure changes in order to provide healthier meals. For instance, some schools lack storage space for fresh food and proper slicers and choppers for cutting up fruits and vegetables. (Currently, around 90% of schools say they are meeting the requirements for school lunches, which set rules for calories and availability of foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat milk.)

“We know that there is still a significant unmet need for kitchen equipment in schools, and outdated equipment can make it more difficult to prepare healthy meals,” said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack in a…

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Weed vending machines could be coming to a (US) town near you

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Originally posted on Metro:

Weed smokers will soon be able to purchase their drugs from vending machines.

A company in Colorado, United States, where the drug is legal, has made getting your fix even easier by stocking marijuana products in their ZaZZZ machines.

Stephen Shearin, who is chief operating officer of manufacturers American Green, has reassured people the drugs will not get into the wrong hands.

‘Multiple cameras would allow us to use some advanced biometrics to make absolutely sure that the person who swiped that card (driving licence) is the owner of that card,’ he said.

‘I’m the father of a 12-year-old daughter and I wouldn’t want her having access to it. So, we paid close attention to that.’

Those hoping to see the machines at their local supermarket will be disappointed as they will only be installed at licensed dispensaries.

The first one is due to be placed in Eagle-Vail in the coming weeks.

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Southern comfort: Georgia ‘deals’ out $25M in tax breaks to game developers

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Originally posted on VentureBeat:

The United States is not the manufacturing powerhouse that it once was, but video games are one thing that Americans make that people all over the world still buy.

This week, Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal (R) signed a bill into law that will provide $25 million in tax breaks to game developers in an effort to encourage economic development in the southern state. The law, previously known as House Bill 958, passed the Georgia state House and Senate earlier this year. It also includes a number of other tax-related legislation including sales-tax holidays and exemptions from sales taxes for qualifying food banks. Georgia-based developers that may benefit from the law include Cartoon Network Games, Red Orchestra developer Tripwire Interactive, and Smite developer Hi-Rez Studios.

To take advantage of the tax incentives, developers will have to maintain offices within Georgia. Studios must have a total payroll that amounts to more than $500,000 for in-state…

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