“Disability News out of India”

New disability bill in India will help raise to help to end discrimination in India. This is huge news for those who have disabilities in India. I hope this new bill will help those who have disabilities since I can see the bill being grounds for change.

(Article Credit: http://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2014/feb/27/india-disabilities-bill-end-discrimination)

“Equality for All”

Illinois Governor is officially is signing a same sex marriage bill into place which supports equality.  Illinois is officially joining the currently recognize marriage equality. I am currently watching ABC News live stream that is going on right now.  AMCPress stands by equality as a whole. I am thrilled that Illinois is has officially signed a bill into place that supports equality as a whole. This news is makes me so happy. I hope more states sign bills into place that will support equality.  I for one being from Pennsylvania I really want to see Pennsylvania be the next state to sign a marriage equality bill into place. I think it is time for those who are in congress to move forward with the times and make the changes to go with the times we are in.  

“Amy Robach is an Inspiration”

It was reported on ABC News’ Amy Robach revealed today on Good Morning America that she was diagnosed with breast cancer after she had her first mammogram on live on GMA. In the article it stated that she had breast cancer hours later. It was also reported that she will be undergoing double  mastectomy and then reconstructive surgery.  We here at AMCPress wishes Amy Robach a speedy recovery. She will be inspiring both men and women to get mammograms and get the help they need.

(Article Credit: ABC News)